2017 Mazda CX-5 Refines its Details into a Truly Fun Family Hauler

Akin to the CX-3 we just wrote about, there are very few ways to go wrong with a Mazda crossover—especially when driving dynamics are concerned. When it comes to the 2017 CX-5, these qualities have been reworked to near perfection. “Fine-tuned” is the keyword here, and it extends to everything from the door handles to its dynamic driving characteristics.

The CX-5 of 2017 may not be a grand purveyor of brute force, but its 187 horsepower engine has more than enough gusto for merging, passing, and a bit of enthusiastic zest. Most of its dynamic driving comes from its sharp steering and comfortable ride, which provides the right balance of softness and tossability. The cabin continues the trend of refinement with soft touch surfaces, and leather on the top trim. You can also have your CX-5 with an arsenal of safety tech, including Smart City Brake Support, which comes standard. If you want the best version money can by, the Grand Touring trim comes fully loaded.

To learn more about how the CX-5 feels behind the wheel, consult the thorough run down by Everyman Driver in the video above. You can also contact the experts at our Mazda dealership in Jacksonville, FL with your questions, or to schedule a test drive appointment.

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