Halloween Safety Paramount For Kids And Parents

We all want a safe Halloween. It starts with being prepared for the occasion. Halloween can be an adventurous time when excitement overflows. That means parents have the unique job of keeping kids calm as they go door-to-door.

Safety is very crucial to enjoying the holiday. Here are some tips for a great Halloween. It's important to trick-or-treat in larger groups. Larger groups are seen easier by approaching cars. It doesn't hurt to have a parent follow kids in a vehicle to monitor the stops.

A slow moving car typically indicates to other drivers to use caution. Your vehicle should have headlights in use if you're following your kids. Kids need to stay on the sidewalk for the majority of their trick-or-treating. They should typically only visit houses with lights on. They need to cross at the end of streets or roads with considerably less traffic. Parents need to drive across major roads with kids and encourage caution.

An adult on the ground with kids is also a great idea. The adult doesn't always have to approach the door but it doesn't hurt. Kids feel an extra bit of security with an adult in their group. This also encourages kids to stay calmer and say thanks to every home they visit.

Our dealership hopes you and your family have a safe Halloween.

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