The 2017 Mazda CX-9: The Best of Both Worlds

You love driving an SUV and enjoy the perks that come with them. The extra seating room, cargo space, and power; what's not to love?

You'd be lying though, if you said that you don't sometimes miss the experience of driving something smaller. The speed, the maneuverability; it's nice to be able to weave through traffic and take the hard turns when you meet them.

The 2017 Mazda CX-9 is a large-size SUV. It has seven seats and the power you'd expect from a vehicle this size. But it's also nimble as heck. Its design delvers precision and agility that you normally wouldn't get from something this large. It's not a sedan, but it's better equipped to keep up with them than almost anything on the road of this size and class.

The CX-9 is an SUV that works hard to keep you from compromising. If you like the sound of that, give us a call at Mazda City of Orange park in Jacksonville, FL. Our experts can tell you all about the rest of its great features and also show you other highlights from our stock of new Mazda cars.

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